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By commenting on proposed NACHA Operating Rules changes, Network users strengthen ACH Network payments. NACHA seeks to adapt and grow the ACH Network to respond to today’s payments environment, which means regularly adding to and amending the Rules.

To ensure that each new Rule meets user needs and protects the integrity of the Network, we rely on your input. All ACH Network participants are invited to review the proposed Rules and add comments by way of the survey, linked within the Rule text. We encourage you to gather information from all impacted areas of your organization. Comment letters by email are also welcome. NACHA seeks public comments to inform the next steps in our rulemaking process. We will share a summary of responses and those planned steps following the close of the comment period.

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ACH Quality and Risk Management Topics

Open for comment

DEADLINE: Friday, July 20, 2018

NACHA is issuing this Request for Comment to obtain industry feedback on several new topics to help manage risk and improve quality.

Closed for comment

Request for Comment - Expanding Same Day ACH

Closed for comment

NACHA issued this Request for Comment/Request For Information to generate industry feedback on proposals to add a third Same Day ACH processing window that expands access to later in the day; provide faster funds availability to receivers of both Same Day and non-Same Day ACH credits; raise the per-transaction dollar limit on Same Day ACH transactions to $100,000; and explore the industry’s interest in ACH processing on weekends and holidays.

ACH Message Entries: Automating ACH Exception Processing

Closed for comment

NACHA issued this Request for Comments to generate industry feedback on benefits and the impacts of the proposal to use the ACH Network for a new, ubiquitous capability to exchange non-monetary messages between financial institutions. Currently, requests and responses for various types of ACH-related documents and other information related to ACH transactions are handled outside of the ACH Network via manual processes. 

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